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Toyota and Forbes team up to produce the new sponsored content feature ‘Pulse’

The line between content marketing and native advertising is pretty easily crossed as both things, as well as traditional display advertising can be incorporated into new promotional products.

Today Forbes promoted its effort with Toyota which its calls Pulse. Is it new editorial content, content marketing, native advertising, traditional advertising. I think I would call it sponsored content, which means it would not exist without the relationship with the advertiser. But sometimes these features end up being good ideas on their own and can migrate from the ad side – in this case part of BrandVoice at Forbes – to the editorial side if the idea is good enough and readers respond positively.

That is what Forbes says may happen with Pulse.

NEW YORK, NY – April 23, 2013 — Forbes announced today the launch of a new product called “Pulse” – a digital and multi-element product for marketers that incorporates visual and interactive storytelling. Pulse will be utilized to create both BrandVoice and editorial programs.

Pulse-ToyotoForbes“We’re always looking for ways to continue to evolve our BrandVoice product and integrate marketers and tell stories in new and innovative ways,” said Lewis D’Vorkin, Forbes Media Chief Product Officer. “We created Pulse as a way to adapt to today’s media consumption patterns as more and more people search for content that combines articles, statistics and video.”

On April 23, Toyota will be the first marketing partner to launch a Pulse BrandVoice campaign on Forbes.com. In partnership with Toyota, Forbes created a digital thought leadership content campaign that’s centered on ideas skeptics said would never come to pass, such as hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles, but that have evolved into successful innovation. Toyota’s Pulse incorporates video, trivia questions and data visualization.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Forbes for the launch of this new product. With Pulse, we can bring to life our thought leadership marketing content through visual and interactive stories while reaching Forbes’ educated and influential audience,” said Dionne Colvin Lovely, National Director, Traditional and Emerging Media, Toyota. “We will use this platform to continue to drive awareness for hydrogen fuel as an alternative energy source.”

Forbes plans to launch additional BrandVoice and editorial Pulse executions in the next few months. Each campaign is customized and includes a designed page on Forbes.com, as well as content ads on Forbes.com and in Forbes magazine.

To view the Toyota Pulse campaign, please visit: www.forbes.com/fueledbyskepticism.

Source: Forbes BrandVoice

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