April 23, 2015 Last Updated 2:47 pm

Comcast reportedly will abandon TWC deal

The Comcast-Time Warner Cable deal hit the skids today and Bloomberg, or maybe it was the NYT, got the scoop. (My money’s on Bloomberg.)

Apparently the world saying it was a bad idea to let Comcast get any larger finally resonated with Federal Communications Commission who heard plenty of opinions concerning Comcast and what the TWC deal might mean (nothing good). In the end, being one of the most hated companies in the nation will end up counting for something.

But if Comcast has an image problem – and if it does, it is well deserved – they are not alone. Yesterday, when I told someone of Google’s Project Fi initiative the immediate reaction was “now they’ll keep records of our phone calls, too.” Such is the opinion of some to the way Google does business.

American business has always been cut throat, but never in my lifetime has so many major corporations held their own customers in such distain. Need proof? Fly someplace.