April 22, 2015 Last Updated 8:45 am

Writing and self-publishing platform Tablo adds new analytics tool: Tablo Scholar

The Melbourne, Australia-based writing and self-publishing platform Tablo today unveiled a new analytics product called Tablo Scholar. The tool comes in two levels of support, and costs users $9 or $19 per month (Australian dollars) and provides additional reader analytics such as demographics and geo-location information.

“Tablo Scholar is a powerful analytics platform that helps you understand how people are engaging with your work,” Ash Davies told users. “You can gain insights like what your most gripping chapters are, where people typically stop reading and learn about the demographic of your most engaged readers.”


The new analytics products are the first paid products from Tablo.

“Tablo Scholar shows you how many readers start and finish each chapter of your book,” the company’s website explains. “Understanding your readers’ engagement can guide the entire editing process for your book. Peaks and troughs in the retention graph show you which chapters readers love and which chapters need a little more attention.”

Table also has an iPhone app inside the Apple App Store called Tablo Reader for reading eBooks produced by the platform.

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