April 22, 2015 Last Updated 1:26 pm

The Washington Post previews its Apple Watch features, promised to appear in the App Store on Friday

App will have a single sponsor at launch, Infiniti, and will be try to give more content than the single sentence that the NYT promises readers

The Washington Post PR department previewed a new Apple Watch app that they will be released on Friday, the day of the official launch of the Apple Watch.

WaPo-AWThe WaPo is calling their app experience Big Story, Small Screen.

“We are experimenting with an entirely new way for users to consume news, emphasizing a visual presentation that maximizes the small screen experience and quickly updates the reader on the day’s top story,” said Julia Beizer, director of mobile products.

Like most media companies, the Post is calling their Apple Watch app, well, an app. In reality, these are simply added features to the existing iPhone app. The Apple Watch, after all, is dependent on the iPhone for much of its functionality.

The Post’s Apple Watch vision calls for trying to display more content than the NYT’s single sentence approach. According to the Post, “users can scroll through the day’s top 10 headlines and receive Washington Post news alerts through the app. Tapping on a headline will open a brief paragraph about the story.”

But like all media app, eventually the Watch will send the reader back to the iPhone to read an entire report.

The Post joins other media companies like The New York Times, Tribune Publishing and CNN, who have been updating their apps for the past week, touting their new features for the Apple Watch prior to the actual launch of the smartwatch. Unlike the iPad launch, though, very few buyers will actually receive their new smartwatch on Friday the 24th. This means getting one’s apps updated in time for the launch is not so important as it might have been

Interestingly, though, the Post may be the first media company to have sold a single sponsorship for their app tied to the release of the Apple Watch. The car maker Infiniti, the luxury brand of Nissan, has come on board as the sponsor.

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