April 21, 2015 Last Updated 3:53 pm

Appboy introduces Action-Based Delivery which intelligently deliver messages in response to customer actions

Marketers can set multiple event triggers, any of which will cause the message to be sent after the configured action

NEW YORK, NY – April 21, 2015 — Appboy, the leader in Mobile Marketing Automation, announces the launch of Action-Based Delivery, allowing marketers to automatically trigger campaigns based on specific in-app customer actions, creating a more seamless experience for sending personal and relevant messaging. Appboy Action-Based Delivery can automatically detect changes in user states, so new users, loyal fans of the app and individuals whose sessions are becoming less frequent will each get the messages that are right for them with a minimum of effort on the part of the marketer.

The Chive, the world’s largest photo entertainment website and app, tested Action-Based Delivery by sending a push notification with a coupon code three minutes after a customer’s first session.

AppBoy-graphic-1“Our initial tests yielded a 45% open rate on Android,” says Curtis Thomas, Activation Marketing Manager at Resignation Media. “The responsiveness and adaptability allows us to better prompt desired user behavior. We’re excited to further test Action-Based Delivery.”

“In addition to sending messages immediately, at a designated time, or using Intelligent Delivery to predict a user’s optimal engagement window, we are offering additional responsive opportunities for marketers to engage with their customers on an individual basis,” says Mark Ghermezian, CEO and Co-Founder at Appboy. “Given our wealth of enterprise clients, many of our customers manage a substantial number of targeted segments. Action-Based Scheduling alleviates the need for marketers to individually monitor these segments and easily send campaigns based on their customers’ recent actions.”

Marketers can opt to send messages immediately after the specified action takes place, or schedule a delivery window following the action. In cases where a delay is set, marketers can include exceptions to ensure that the subsequent customer actions are accounted for, and they only receive the messaging if it is still relevant.

“Action-Based Delivery ensures swift, responsive outreach to users performing specific actions,” continues Ghermezian. “We are providing marketers the opportunity to move at the speed of mobile and assure contextual engagement with their customers that is always timely and appropriate.”

Marketers can set multiple event triggers, any of which will cause the message to be sent after the configured action. Common triggers include reaching a selected number of sessions, completing a purchase, abandoning a shopping cart, performing specified conversion events, or interacting with News Feed cards or campaigns. To learn more about Action-Based Delivery, visit www.appboy.com/products.

Source: Appboy

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