April 20, 2015 Last Updated 2:48 pm

More Apple Watch related updates released as launch day approaches: ESPN, NYT Cooking

Few of the new updates add features that are not already a major part of their iPhone app’s functions; a truly killer application for the Apple Watch may take a while to appear

This Friday is the official launch date for the Apple Watch, a date is more an approximation of when users will start receiving their new devices than a hard date, as many who pre-ordered the Apple Watch quickly found out. But Friday the 24th was a good target date for developers who wanted to update their iPhone apps to add in Apple Watch support, and we are seeing plenty of updates come through today.


MLB.com At Bat

An earlier story on TNM (here) mentioned updates for CNN, the Tribune Publishing newspapers, Zillow, Epicurious and others. Others, such as for MLB.com At Bat (see at right) were released late last week. Here are more, released today.

ESPN has updated their main iPhone and iPad app to add Apple Watch support:

What’s New in Version 4.3

  • Apple Watch Support!
  • Get real-time notifications on scoring plays and breaking news for your favorite teams right on your wrist.
  • Score Updates: View live scores and upcoming matchups for all your favorite teams.
  • Swipe left to see articles about your favorites.
  • Portrait Support for iPad. Late-night one-handed reading is all yours.
  • We took some time off to fix nagging bugs for the playoff run. News and Now views now load faster than a Steph Curry crossover.
  • Sign up for NFL, MLB, and NBA Fantasy News Alerts. Also opt into Instant Awesome alerts to keep up with the latest viral content, or subscribe to Chalk: Odds and Info to get that betting edge.

The New York Times has updated NYT Cooking to add Apple Watch support. This is interesting because the paper had only added iPhone support for the app earlier this month, the app having launched as an iPad-only app.

Cooking from an iPad app is something I do often, with apps that work in landscape being the easiest to work with. Cooking from an iPhone is much harder. Cooking or shopping for ingredients from an Apple Watch? Yikes.

What’s New in Version 2.1.1
Introducing NYT Cooking for Apple Watch:

  • View an NYT Cooking recipe on your Apple Watch
  • Check recipe ingredients as you shop or cook
  • Check off recipe preparation steps as you cook
  • Search 17,000+ recipes from your wrist

Starbucks has added Apple Watch support to its iPhone app – a logical thing to do since using Apple Pay is what most people use their Starbucks app for. Now they can pay using an Apple Watch. The update also pushes through store locations.

Other apps updated to add Apple Watch support: Circa News, who want you to read news from your wrist; TuneIn Radio, which will let you change stations using your Apple Watch; and Marriott International, which have added the ability to check in and check out using your Apple Watch.

Unfortunately, since there is no separate app store for the Apple Watch there are no screenshots available in the App Store of what these apps will actually look like. Those that have promoted their Apple Watch apps, however, often show the face of the Apple Watch in a greatly enlarged screenshot.

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