April 17, 2015 Last Updated 9:34 am

Bloomberg terminals go black for a time this morning, blamed on ‘internal network issue’

The financial community wet its pants this morning, waking up to find that their Bloomberg terminals were black. The issue, which began in the wee hours of the morning in NYC, effected investors worldwide, and delayed some financial transactions.

Bloomberg-TwitterBloomberg eventually restored service to most users, and blamed the outage on an “internal network issue” – allaying fears that they issue may have involved hacking. But the outage caused the postponing of this morning’s UK Treasury Bill tenders worth around £3 billion.

The Bloomberg Terminal is a computer system which provides news, price quotes, and messaging across a proprietary secure network, and is the lifeblood of many trading desks worldwide. Bloomberg’s largest competitor in this area is the Reuters 3000 Xtra system.

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