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B2B: Hanley Wood Marketing and John Wiley & Sons

Two long-time publishers, both serving the needs of their corporate clients through content marketing projects, have expanded their digital publishing efforts

This month’s issue of App Publisher has two stories that were designed to be read together. Both center on the digital efforts of traditional publishers and their B2B or content marketing divisions. One involves Hanley Wood Marketing, the Minneapolis-based division of the B2B publisher Hanley Wood; the other the B2B publishing side of John Wiley & Sons.

Were App Publisher a print magazine, we would have placed a banner across both stories and labeled them part of the B2B publishing section of the magazine. Because of the platform we are using, this really doesn’t work (see, print has advantages!), so I wanted to point out both stories to you before you download the latest issue (you plan on doing that, don’t you?)


The Hanley Wood story arose after TNM wrote about the release of the FedEx Access magazine app in January (see original TNM story here). The app uses the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite to create a high-quality native tablet edition, something only a handful of B2B are doing with their digital editions.

I spoke to Dobby Gibson, vice president of digital and content strategy at Hanley Wood Marketing, about the company and its digital publishing efforts.

“Everything is digital now, print is just another platform,” Gibson told me. “We increasingly do less and less print and more and more content that is delivered and consumed on all kinds of print and digital devices. The digital department has gone away, and now we have a strategy group that includes both digital strategists and content strategists, we’re all just one big happy family. That gives you some idea of who integrated we’ve become here.”

While Hanley Wood is known in the world of B2B magazine publishing, being the publisher of the residential construction magazine Builder and the design magazine Architect, John Wiley & Sons is known for its academic book publishing projects. The publisher is known for publishing the For Dummies branded books for consumer, but it also publishes Dummies books for its corporate clients.

ebook-employer-branding“The Dummies brand has been around since 1991 with the advent of DOS for Dummies and it took from there,” Palmer said. “The B2B side didn’t really get going until 2002.”

“As it often is with these kinds of things, there was one particular deal that got things started and established this as a player in the market – and that was a deal with did with Siemens Telephone to replace all of there documentation that went into offices though the U.S. along with hardware. That became Dummies branded.”

I think B2B publishers may get a few new ideas from the two related articles. For many B2Bs, especially those with industry leading titles, there are opportunities to work with clients on new print and digital products that are co-branded.

You can read both stories in the April issue of App Publisher, available now in the Apple Newsstand.

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