April 13, 2015 Last Updated 9:42 am

Apple marketing works its magic: nearly 1M Americans ordered an Apple Watch last week

If Apple’s new smartwatch is truly fashion accessory, then a million Americans will be embarrassed to find they are not very unique. I doubt Apple minds one bit.

According to Slice Intelligence 957,000 U.S. consumer pre-ordered an Apple Watch on Friday, buying 1.3 watches on average.

applewatch-600“As expected, most consumers–62 percent– purchased the less-expensive Sport model,” Jaimee Minney wrote. “However, many Apple Watch buyers invested in the pricier case but the cheapest band, with more than one-third adding a black or white Sport band.”

The Apple Watch is set to launch on April 24, and many of those who ordered their watch will not receive if until well into May as only a small number of watches are set to delivered by the 24th. But the hype generated by Apple’s marketing team appears to have panned out, despite fairly luckwarm reviews from many in the tech press.

What we won’t see this time around is long lines at Apple Stores as the company has encouraged buyers to pre-order online. The change is a wise one as it was only a matter of time until things got out of control.

Next up for Apple is WWDC and the anticipated release of a new version of the Apple TV – the current model is long in the tooth, underpowered, and with no storage. While a new model will likely be unveiled, it is possible that the big news, though, will be a TV subscription service and possibly an Apple TV App Store. An app store will be needed if Apple is to avoid making the home screen of the Apple TV a cluttered mess (it is getting close to that now). This would shift the burden on loading new channels on to the viewer, while opening up brand new channels for download.

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