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Interview with The New Yorker’s publisher; geo-location in digital editions; new research

April issue of App Publisher, the digital publishing industry’s magazine, contains two stories on B2B – Hanley Wood Marketing and John Wiley & Sons – as well as our regular features Roundtable and New Apps


The April issue of App Publisher has gone live inside the Apple Newsstand app today (we’ll check on Google Play later today). The issue was supposed to be the March-April issue, but time tended to slide by before we were able to pull the trigger on the issue.

The issue features an interview with The New Yorker’s Lisa Hughes, Publisher, Chief Revenue Officer. Hughes discusses the magazine’s continued growth in digital circulation, as well as the way the magazine handles app issues.

“Following the last iOS update in October, we listened to feedback, made some adjustments, and immediately saw that reflected in the numbers,” Hughes said. “We’re responsive and work closely with Apple to provide a positive experience for our readers.”

Rayner-180Paul Blake, App Publisher’s publisher, interviews Exact Editions’s Daryle Rayner on the benefits of geo-location for digital publishers.

“In offering IP based magazine subscriptions we had found a way of knowing where readers were,” Rayner told App Publisher. “We then began to think of how we could use that in a commercial way by creating an app that publishers could use to target potential readers in a specific location.”

The April issue also contains two stories about B2B: David Palmer of John Wiley & Sons discusses how they use their Dummies brand to attract custom publishing projects; and Dobby Gibson of Hanley Wood Marketing discusses their digital publishing efforts with such clients as FedEx.


“Everything is digital now, print is just another platform,” Gibson said. “We increasingly do less and less print and more and more content that is delivered and consumed on all kinds of print and digital devices. The digital department has gone away, and now we have a strategy group that includes both digital strategists and content strategists, we’re all just one big happy family. That gives you some idea of who integrated we’ve become here.”

Lucy Penn from PageSuite shares her company’s findings from a new survey on wearable devices and multi-channel news consumption, while Chetan Ahuja of PacketZoom talks about speeding up those app and issue downloads.

“The upshot is, that when an app on your mobile device starts communicating with the cloud, every change of IP address causes the app to initiate the communication from the beginning – a so-called “cold start”), rather than from the point where the previous communication paused at the point of disconnection,” wrote Ahuja. “That’s one very big problem, resulting in time lost through duplication of transmissions.”

The issue also contains our regular features: Paul Blake’s column, our Roundtable question (this month on app marketing) and the new apps section.

Individual articles will be previewed both here and on the App Publisher website throughout the week.

Meanwhile, we suggest you check out the issue yourself in the Apple Newsstand. Readers can buy individual issues or subscribe.

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