April 13, 2015 Last Updated 10:21 am

App for the iWatch? Watchup with that? MLB.com At Bat updated to fix audio issue

Morning Brief: Aquafadas updates its preview app for iOS, adding enhancements and fixing bugs involving video, search, other issues

When TNM published Talking Digital is 2013 it took seemingly forever to get it through Apple’s iBooks Store team. The problem was that every reference to iBookstore needed to be changed to iBooks Store or they would not approve the eBook. It seemed silly to me since all communications came from “iBookstore” email accounts – if using iBookstore was good enough for Apple why wasn’t it good enough… Oh well, the changes were made and the book published.

Watchup-updateBut times are different at Apple certainly, as the Newsstand’s decrepit condition attests to.

Today Watchup, a streaming news app, was updated to add “iWatch” support, whatever that is.

Now I don’t care what Watchup wants to call the new Apple Watch, that is up to them. It just surprises me that Apple doesn’t care, either.

Aquafadas updated its preview app, Aquafadas Viewer for iOS, today add both new features and to fix some bugs.

What’s New in Version 3.5.2

  • PDFReader optimization for really long content.
  • Pre-calculated databases for search embed in the Zave.
  • WebReflow Optimization.


  • FullScreen video can’t exit after rotation fixed.
  • Crash on search fixed.
  • Restore the disable capability of the bottom bar in the PDF reader.
  • Bad interactions between buttons in the top bar fixed.
  • Search in PDFReader with right to left mode fixed.
  • Analytics page number in right to left mode fixed.

Aquafadas also has a Google Play preview app, as well, but that app has not been updated since December of last year and is still on version 3.5.

MLB.com At Bat was updated today to restore live radio breaks in the app, and also for “general performance improvements” – one hopes this update really does this.

MLB.com At Bat is, for me, the strongest argument out there against Apple launching a subscription streaming service for the Apple TV. MLB’s streaming has never been very reliable, but this year the performance level seems to have gotten even worse. Not an inning goes by that the app doesn’t stutter to stop.

MLB-iPhone6-380In the past, subscribers to the service found that they could continue to watch archived games during the off season, but this year MLB shut down the whole service. When it came live again this spring they found that the radio portion of the app no longer delivered pre-game or post-game content. But the real issue remains streaming video.

“Wow has this app gone down the toilet,” one user wrote in iTunes this weekend. “First off, it crashes a lot. And by a lot I mean at least 75% of the time I’m using it. The video quality went from being capable of buffering 720 down to unwatchable. I had better video quality when I was using AOL back in 98′. I normally wouldn’t complain about an app, but since I pay to use it, it shouldn’t have these issues.”

Sadly, things have gotten even worse, apparently:

“Edit: after the update, the video quality has gotten worse. I can’t even see the baseball and the people on screen look like fuzzy caterpillars. I may cancel my subscription because that’s how bad this is. Don’t spend your money on this app.”

Now, to be fair, many users are finding the mobile app to perform OK. I don’t have nearly the problems with the iPhone version as I do the Apple TV version. In fact, things are so bad on the Apple TV, that I often stream the games from my iPhone to my Apple TV rather than use the Apple app.

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