April 10, 2015 Last Updated 10:29 am

Apple Watch goes on pre-order

The Apple Watch went on pre-order today as Apple’s marketing efforts at selling the idea that you really need to start wearing a watch again went into high gear. This week the early reviews by the major media outlets appeared, struggling to come off as sycophantic as possible in Apple’s eyes, while not losing all credibility with their readership. (No worry, guys, no one takes any of this seriously.)

“To provide the best experience and selection to as many customers as we can, we will be taking orders for Apple Watch exclusively online during the initial launch period,” said Angela Ahrendts, Apple’s senior vice president of Retail and Online Stores.


In 2007, I will admit that when it proved true that Apple would go into the cellphone business I was disappointed – I just wanted a new Mac that would not be a sluggish beast. Apple didn’t provide a live stream of its effects back then, so I was forced to watch the keynote later that day (remember, Apple was still involved in Macworld in 2007, so the iPhone launch was actually part of the opening of the event).

I immediately changed my mind about the iPhone. Why? Because I already had a cellphone, and the iPhone was so obviously superior to what was already in my pocket that it became a must-have purchase for me (though I waited awhile till the price dropped).

SI-demo-video-screenWhen the iPad was unveiled in January of 2010 I knew I should pre-order one. The Wonderfactory and Sports Illustrated had already released a tablet magazine demonstration video, so it was obvious that publishers would, eventually be launching tablet editions – I wanted TNM to be in the forefront of covering the developments. (That video has been seen on YouTube over 1 million times, by the way.)

So, will I be pre-ordering an Apple Watch? Absolutely not. I don’t wear a watch, having been freed of the burden years ago. The reason is two-fold: I don’t need one anymore since the invention of the smartphone; and I don’t wear jewelry.

So I look at the Apple Watch less as a tech item than as a jewelry accessory. If you’re into bling then the Apple Watch might be for you (and if you are someone who wears a watch, then again, it might be a perfect fit).

Unlike some writers, I have nothing against the Apple Watch. They just haven’t sold me on the need to wear a watch. So TNM is completely neutral on the subject of the Apple Watch.

Having said that, when version 2.0 comes out, the model that beams you up to the starship Enterprise, I’ll be off to my local Apple Store immediately.

Update: the hype machine wins! The Apple Watch is already sold out – well, at least if you want your watch on launch day, April 24. Currently models are shipping four to six weeks out or longer. (The Washington Post is saying “June”, but their consumer tech reporter is apparently not good with calendars – even six weeks from now is not “June”.)

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