April 9, 2015 Last Updated 1:13 pm

Readly adds user profiles, content recommendation features to its digital magazine reading service

Austin, Texas – April 9, 2015 — Readly is introducing new features to its digital magazine reading service. Individual user profiles and an innovative personalized content recommendation feature, called Most Relevant Content (MRC), add user value and simplify the magazine selection and discovery process.

With almost 1,000 available titles (and over 13,000 issues) in both English and international languages, readers are certainly not lacking relevant content. Instead, the challenge is increasingly one of relevance and selection – how to ensure each reader quickly finds the titles and content he or she prefers.

Readly-flagThat is why Readly is now introducing a pioneering content recommendation feature, based on individual user profiles and detailed analysis of reading behavior. Up to five users, i.e. the entire household, can access content in Readly from the same account, which makes individual profiles important in order to cater for an individual’s specific preferences. The MRC recommendation engine will initially suggest the titles with the highest recent readership, these suggestions will start to adapt to each person’s reading preferences as soon as they start making choices about what to read.

Readly ‘s MRC has three recommendation tiers:

  1. New issues of titles the user has read before
  2. Titles the user has not read before, but which matches the user’s reading interests
  3. Most popular titles that others are currently reading

“The user profiles and MRC system are very exciting additions to Readly’s functionality,” says Per Hellberg, CEO of Readly International. “This intuitive new system makes Readly even more attuned to our customers’ reading habits and effectively does their browsing for them, making the service both simpler and more efficient to use. These new features complement the recently introduced search function, which enables users to search the entire magazine platform by keyword. This means that you have the MRC feature for your ‘stumble upon’ reading moments and the search function for when you are looking for something specific. Consumer experience is at the forefront of our priorities, and these new features ensure our users are getting the most out of their subscription.”

The user profiles and MRC recommendation engine are innovations that reinforce Readly’s position as an innovator in the “access-rather-than-ownership” media business. Readly believes that these developments and increased functionality add value for both consumers and publishers. The more users can discover and read relevant magazine content through the Readly service, the more revenue the publishers of that content will receive from the Readly platform. The added exposure also means that readers are likely to continue reading those magazines, not just on Readly but across other platforms as well.

For further information, please contact: Blake Pollard, Readly, LLC.

Source: Readly

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