April 9, 2015 Last Updated 7:44 am

Paywall company Piano Media adds content recommendation engine via partnership with Cxense

Vienna, Austria – April 9, 2015 – Piano Media, one of the world’s largest paywall providers reveals today the signing of a new OEM partner agreement with Cxense enabling the company to provide a content recommendation engine to its clients, increasing audience engagement to help publishers convert site users into paying digital subscribers.

Piano will integrate several Cxense products with its state-of-the-art paywall enabling publishers to better identify, segment and convert site users. “We believe with Cxense technology, we can help Piano clients accelerate the growth of their digital subscribers,” said Piano Media’s Chief Executive Officer Kelly Leach. “Cxense has proven solutions for increasing customer engagement by showing users content that is relevant. The partnership between Piano and Cxense will now enable our clients to serve their users more targeted content and accelerate subscriber growth.”

Ståle Bjørnstad, CEO of Cxense said, “Our agreement with Piano is exciting because it allows us to replicate our experience in improving onsite subscription conversion, as we have for publishers such as The Wall Street Journal, by offering our solutions to Piano’s more than 600 clients worldwide.”

Leach added, “As more people consume the news on the Internet, getting the audience to remain on a publisher’s website is becoming an integral part of a publisher’s strategy.” She continued, “Content recommendation engages the reader by offering further stories, photo galleries, audio and video that is immediately relevant to the user, thus increasing the likelihood a user will ultimately purchase a subscription.”

Piano Media is a leading global media content monetization solutions provider and consulting company. Piano offers the latest digital subscription platform technology; digital subscription growth strategies; advanced analytics, benchmarking and best practices to more than 630 websites globally.

Piano will sell and integrate Cense Insight, Cxense DMP and Cxense Content to provide unparalleled real-time analytics, intelligent segmentation, targeted marketing and content recommendations.

Source: Piano Media and Cxense

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