April 9, 2015 Last Updated 11:29 am

Apple issues its iOS 8.3 update (with a bug in it)

Latest mobile operating system update fixes a long list of issues, but downloaders find they can no longer use Touch ID in the App Store after installing the update

The users of iOS devices are definitely noticing the lack of testing Apple seems to be doing on its own iOS updates. Today’s update, iOS 8.3, features a bug that prevents users from using Touch ID to buy from the App Store – a minor bug to be sure, but one users had reported in beta – yet here it is in the release version.


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The iOS update is extensive – in fact, I’m not sure I’ve seen one with so large a list of update and fixes. The ones many users will be interested involve connectivity – both WiFi and Bluetooth.

I notice connectivity issues mostly when streaming music from a service like Beats to my Apple TV or Denon receiver (which has built in WiFi and Bluetooth). The connection is established, then at some point is dropped. Is this a WiFi issue with the device, the router, the streaming service? We’ll see if this update fixes any of this.

The bug issuing involving Touch ID is minor, but is worrying. This is certainly not the first update to come out with an obvious bug. Users are noticing. Apple’s iOS platform has a major advantage over Android in that any iPhone or iPad owner knows that they will access to the latest software, free and immediately upon release. Unlike Android. But the flip side to this arrangement is that updates can come frequently and may turn out to create more problems than they solve, if they have been rushed out and not properly tested. iOS 8.3 was in beta for a while, and developers mentioned the Touch ID issue. Why did it make it through to release?

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