April 8, 2015 Last Updated 12:57 pm

Apple releases update to OS X, introduces new Photos app


New photo program will take the place of iPhoto as the default photo storage and editing program for the Mac, as Apple has also discontinued Aperture support

The expected update for OS X was released today by Apple as the company continues its preparations for the launch of Apple Watch. Today’s update, though, is about the introduction of Photos, the app which replaces iPhoto. It’s nice to get rid of the “i” – let’s hope this is the start of a trend.

Mac owners will immediately notice the change to the new photos app the first time they open it, as they will be prompted to buy something (cloud storage) but beyond that most users will notice very few changes. However, the more one explores the app the more they will run into changes and additions. The editing tools are, by default, limited as in iPhoto. But the user can add editing features by clicking the “add” button at the top-right of the app, bringing in more pro level tools.

Photos not only replaces iPhoto, but is to serve as a replacement for Aperture, which Apple discontinued. Because of this, consumers are in essence getting an upgrade.


The app still has the bookmaking tools still in the program but Apple will likely end up making users of the service pretty upset. For one thing. clicking the Projects tab at the top really does nothing. If you’ve built book projects in the past you will find they are no longer around. Also, Apple says one should click the “Create” button to start a new project while in Photos or Albums. One problem: there is no “create” button (you have o use the top “File” navigation tab to build a book, calendar, etc.).

The good news, and there is good news, is that Apple hasn’t deleted iPhoto with this update. You’ll find iPhoto still in your Applications folder, and your projects will be there, as well. (Lots of iPhoto users are apoplectic on forums thinking all their old work is gone).

Once you know this (that iPhoto has not totally disappeared) the introduction of Photos will feel like a good addition to OS X.

The update today also came with some security fixes, as well as a Yosemite Recovery update (hopefully you’ll never need that). Some of those who downloaded and installed the update are complaining on boards about problems with rebooting and other issues. I did not experience any issues – but I have only loaded the update on my fairly new iMac. I would be cautious about loading the update on an older Mac until you’ve read a few comments from the support forums (in case something goes wrong).

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