April 6, 2015 Last Updated 8:02 am

No 4K for new Apple TV, report says; Rolling Stone releases study critical of its UVA reporting

NYT for iPad updated, introduces new, generic icon for app; Flipboard and MLB.com At Bat issue bug fix updates a few days after previous update added Apple Watch support

As most Apple followers probably know, the company’s reputation as one that leads in technology is often overstated. Apple won’t be the first to launch a smart watch, but will look to lead the category, nonetheless. Apple wasn’t the first to launch a TV device, but the Apple TV is the leading device for streaming content.

appletv_2ndgenNo surprise, then, that BuzzFeed’s John Paczkowski is reporting that the rumored new Apple TV will not support 4K streaming. “4K is great, but it’s still in its infancy,” Paczkowski quoted his source.

Few rumors actually mentioned 4K (high resolution television) streaming, but more than a number of readers certainly were hoping for it. But even the most optimistic forecasts for 4K TV sales only see sales hitting 10 percent of sales in the U.S.by 2018, with sales not hitting 50 percent for a decade.

Rolling Stone this weekend released the report it commissioned from Steve Coll, dean of the Columbia School of Journalism, on “What Went Wrong?” in its story of rape on the campus of the University of Virginia.

RS-wrong-250“His report was painful reading, to me personally and to all of us at Rolling Stone,” writes Will Dana, Managing Editor, in his preview of the report. “It is also, in its own way, a fascinating document ­— a piece of journalism, as Coll describes it, about a failure of journalism.”

Dana adds “we would like to apologize to our readers and to all of those who were damaged by our story and the ensuing fallout, including members of the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity and UVA administrators and students.”

That Dana would call it a failure of “journalism” seems a bit off, and an unfortunate way to state it. It is not journalism that failed, but Rolling Stone’s own way of producing journalism that failed. Maybe this is what he meant, but failed to convey properly.

As for Coll’s report, it is unflinching.

“The failure encompassed reporting, editing, editorial supervision and fact-checking,” Coll writes. “The magazine set aside or rationalized as unnecessary essential practices of reporting that, if pursued, would likely have led the magazine’s editors to reconsider publishing Jackie’s narrative so prominently, if at all.”

Several media apps that last week added Apple Watch support, today issued bug fix updates following complaints from users that updated their apps. MLB.com At Bat, for instance, added Apple Watch support last week, but users immediately complained that the update had log in issues, and other bugs. The new update, which brings the app up to version 8.1.1, was quickly issued.

NYT-iPad-iconAlso updated today: Flipboard for bug fixes, and NYTimes for iPad for a new log in system.

The NYT app also, as you can see here, comes with a new icon.

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