April 2, 2015 Last Updated 10:52 am

Twitter updates Periscope app, makes performance changes – better log in, log out system will have to wait

TripAdvisor rushes out app update after yesterday’s Apple Watch-related update mistakenly broke the app; Google News says you will love their algorithms

The new social video app from Twitter, Periscope, received its first update. Whether, like the main Twitter app itself, it will receive updates every couple weeks has not been announced (hopefully not).

Periscope-iPhone-lgThe version 1.0.1 update fixes a number of bugs, and brings the videos from those the user follows to the top of the app. But there are still a number of obvious fixes that the app update does not address.

First that it does:

What’s New in Version 1.0.1 

  • Major performance improvements – (watching broadcasts with tons of users was.. well, slow, sometimes)
  • We improved the ordering for LIVE broadcasts; if people you follow are live, they’ll be at the top\
  • Fixed lots of issues where Chat wasn’t working (especially when kajillions of people are watching)
  • We zoomed out the map showing broadcaster’s location
  • Clarified the error message that some users received when trying to Tweet their broadcast. If you see this error, you should check your iPhone settings -> Twitter to make sure your Twitter account is properly logged in.
  • Lots of crash fixes and video streaming improvements

Twitter-iPhone-lgOne of the biggest things missing from this list is the ability log in and out of your account. Many Twitter users have multiple accounts – work and personal – and would like to be use the app for both.

In fact, the Twitter sign out process, in general, is a nightmare on iOS devices. Don’t believe me, try to log out of the Twitter app and see the message you get.

There has been more than one user that has said in their review of the app that they find it creepy. They have a point. The whole hearts thing, while cute, seems juvenile. But the real value of the app, like Meerkat, will be when it used at a live event of some importance.

Meanwhile, I haven’t thought of a time when it seemed the appropriate app to use. Anybody here want to see me make coffee in the morning? Thought so.

Speaking of creepy… Google really needs to understand that using the word “algorithm” is fine when speaking to the folks at TechCrunch, but most people don’t have a positive view of that word.

Google’s latest update for its News app says ‘Suggested For You’, when you are signed in, brings you content that our algorithms think you’ll like.

OK, I get it, many people will get it. But there has to be a better way to say this. Time to bring in the Mad Men to figure out a better way to communicate. (“It’s Toasted!”)

Yesterday TripAdvisor was the latest iPhone app to get an update related to the Apple Watch, set to launch on April 24. Unfortunately, the update also broke the app.

Presto! New update appears this morning that should fix the problem. Still… is anyone testing their updates anymore?

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