April 1, 2015 Last Updated 9:18 am

First eBook reader launched for the Apple Watch, delivers material one word at a time

The world’s first eBook reader has been launched – and it delivers your book to you… one word at a time (after all, that screen is pretty small).

OK, yes, its April 1.

So, you have to give Tablo credit for at least being the first publishing-related company to deliver the joke that has been on everyone’s mind ever since the Apple Watch was unveiled: how to read digital books (or magazines) on the device.

apple-watch-bookYesterday, I worked up a graphic showing how one would read a book on the Apple Watch, but thought it wouldn’t look very good here so gave up – here it is anyways.

Tablo’s effort is better:

The Tablo Reader for Apple Watch would’t be possible without a significant breakthrough in speed reading technology. The app displays your book one word at a time, flashing each word onto the screen in a way that perfectly matches the average reading pace. You can relax your eyes and see a story unfold in front of you, word by word, without ever having to touch the device or turn a page.

Tablo-Apple-Watch-Demo-TabloTablo delivered its April Fools’ Day joke to customers via email today and made sure they ended the message with a reminder that it was April 1. Still, I like the artwork and concept far better than my own.

With speed-reading technology, the Tablo Reader is the world’s first handsfree reading device. This means you can enjoy a novel whilst curled up in bed, explore new fictional worlds whilst safely holding onto the subway railing, and taco.

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