March 27, 2015 Last Updated 2:08 pm

The Economist announces Apple Watch edition

The Economist app will be able to control playback of the audio edition when the Apple Watch is launched April 24

Press Release:

London, UK – March 27, 2015 — The Economist is pleased to announce that its digital weekly edition is coming to Apple Watch on Friday, April 24th.

iphone_shelf_2xSubscribers to The Economist app will be able to control playback of the audio edition using the newly launched Apple Watch. These functions include the ability to play, pause, skip ahead to the next track, rewind for 15 seconds, modify playback speed, and change to a different weekly edition.

Apple Watch users with a subscription to the digital edition of The Economist will also be able to see the headline of the article that they are listening to on a glance – the Watch’s interface – which also provides information such as the next track and the number of articles remaining in the current section.
The Economist will also send push notifications to the Watch to notify the user that a new edition is available. The push notifications include the cover image, date, and title of the issue.

Tom Standage, Deputy Editor and head of digital strategy for The Economist, said: “You can’t read detailed, analytical articles on a watch, but you can listen to them. Subscribers who already like to listen to The Economist while commuting or working out can use our Apple Watch app as a handy remote control. We hope this will appeal to new listeners, too. We are excited to embrace this new platform.”

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