March 27, 2015 Last Updated 7:30 am

Four weeks to the launch of the Apple Watch and developers start updating apps to add support

The New York Times, Twitter and MLB among early adopters, as well as two major airlines, as developers rush to be among first to utilize Apple’s smartwatch

The Apple Watch must really be arriving soon as today a batch of app updates appeared, all having something to do with the Apple Watch. (The official launch date is April 24.)

NYT-iPhone-update-lgThe New York Times is the first of the big media apps to mention the smart watch, but they have nothing to show at this time inside NYTimes, its iPhone app:

“Arriving April 24: The New York Times on Apple Watch. We can’t wait to show you what’s coming.”

Well, that was helpful.

The update also includes bringing the interactive graphics to the iPhone app, and changes with log-ins, with 1Password and LastPass integration.

If the Times wants to know why their ability to attract more new readers is limited, they really should be reading the user reviews inside iTunes. Young readers don’t understand why the iPhone app delivers so many ads, when it requires them to pay to access the content. They are not regular newspapers readers, they don’t see that advertising is part of the product. Rather, they see ads as what one gets when the readers is not required to pay for content.

At least two airlines issued app updates today related to the Apple Watch. Air Canada and British Airways.

BA-iPhone-350If developers were not supposed to give away what their plans are for the Apple Watch, Air Canada doesn’t seem to have gotten the message. Here is what they will be offering Apple Watch owners:

What’s New in Version 3.24
Air Canada now supports Apple Watch!

  • View the status of your flights departing within 24 hours.
  • See your countdown to boarding time from your Glances.
  • Get notifications when it’s time to check-in and board your flight.
  • Use Handoff from your Apple Watch to complete your Check-in from your iPhone.
  • We also support Passbook! So any passes stored on your iPhone will also appear on your Apple Watch.

The app description for British Airways also mentions the ability to check gate information and get notifications inside its app through Apple Watch.

Two other apps were also updated for the Apple Watch today: At Bat and Twitter. Neither app description gives much detail about what they will offer for the Apple Watch, though it probably is not hard to guess.

Twitter’s update comes over three days after their regularly scheduled app update (they update every two weeks). In fact, this is their tenth iOS update so far this year.