March 26, 2015 Last Updated 7:21 am

Spring is the rumor season before WWDC, summer the season before the iPhone event

Developers and platforms do a little spring cleaning, releasing bug fix app updates to clean up issues created or discovered with the release of new mobile operating systems

The tech sites that write about Apple have two seasons: WWDC and iPhone event, with everything else just the silly season, where any crazy rumor makes for good copy. The latest comes from DigiTimes – ’nuff said.

For developers (and digital publishers) this time is spring cleaning time, the time when one finally doesn’t have to worry about a new mobile operating system being introduced and therefore can make sure their existing apps are cleaned up. Failure to do so has consequences, as we have seen in some publisher’s statements. Because of this, most of the app updates we are seeing are simple bug fix updates, and that is probably a good thing.

AquaViewer-iPadThose from the digital publishing platforms are also generally about fixing this or that problem. But today one of those platforms, released an update that spells out a long list of fixes – the developers have obviously been busy, and I find that also to be a good thing.

Here is the app description for Aquafadas Viewer for iOS, the preview app for the platform:

What’s New in Version 3.5.1
– improvement:
– Popup fullscreen has a smaller quit button.
– Reader top menu bar can display more items with a paged system.

– bugfix:
– Fix on retina preview for PDFReader.
– Fix on PDFReader on the scroller color.
– Fix on PDFReader for the progress of progressive download at scroller popup view level.
– Fix on PDFReader Spread View.
– Fix on MagV1 which could block the horizontal navigation after a vertical bounce.
– Fix on MagReader which could display the progress of the progressive download even if the menu bar is not displayed.
– Fix on Mag Spread View on iPhone.
– Fix on Mag Next Gen for the sublayout with blocked navigation.
– Fix for the background color of the richText enrichment.
– Fix for image ken burns effect.
– Fix on a video crash.
– Fix on a physics crash.
– Fix one a crash with image an camera capture.
– Fix on dot2dot game.
– Fix on enriched PDF Zave modally displayed in another enriched PDF Zave.
– Fix on go to bookmark or note action for Next Gen Magazine.
– Fix on clipping and rotations.

Other preview apps updated in the past couple of weeks include Mag+ Reviewer and Adobe Content Viewer, each for minor bug fixes.

Some developers have their apps on regular update schedules. Twitter and Facebook, for instance, release updates twice a month. One might think that with updates so frequently released that there would be nothing more to update. But that doesn’t appear to be the case.

Twitter-Facebook-iconsFacebook, for instance, still is getting user reviews pointing out issues with the app, the latest involving app crashes. One problem, of course, is that not every user may be on the latest version of iOS, and so there are variations in performance. The same issue applies to users that may have older devices.

Twitter, which also updated its iOS app this week, has been getting mostly positive comments about its app lately, though a few complaints are there – and assuming the developers regularly check the comments, probably alert to them any issues.

Both companies, though, don’t give much detail about their app updates, just that users can expect to see them every couple of weeks.

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