March 23, 2015 Last Updated 7:49 am

Joseph Pulitzer IV, once the heir to the newspaper chain, dead at 65; emergency app updates for Adobe, Camera+

Hearst’s Esquire magazine updates its Apple Newsstand app, adding sharing tools as magazine follows recent trend in digital sales – up in single copy, down in subscriptions

The once heir to the Pulitzer newspaper chain, Joseph Pulitzer IV, known as Jay, died after a heart attack late last week. Pulitzer was 65.

jpulitzerPulitzer once joined the Guild in its 1978 strike against the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the chain’s flagship. According to The Washington Post’s obituary, Pulitzer “happiest when the Grateful Dead came to town and he reviewed the band for the paper.”

Perhaps because of all this, Pulitzer was the odd man out as the family took over the chain following the death of his father 1993. Forced out of the family business, Pulitzer retired to Big Horn, Wyo.

But it was the part of the family that took over the business that cashed out by selling to Lee Enterprises, maybe showing who really had the newspaper business in their blood.

Several media app received emergency bug fix updates this weekend.

Adobe, which earlier last week had updated its Adobe Content Viewer app, rushed out an update after users began reporting a black bar appearing when in landscape view. This brings the app up to version 32.5.1.

CameraPlus-iconCamera+ from tap tap tap, an app used by many to edit photos, also updated its app last week, but needed to issue an emergency update.

Last week’s update brought the app up to version 6.2, and added a bunch of features… but also a bug.

As the developer states in its app description for version 6.2.1 “Ugh… it’s always something, eh?”

Oyster is not describing its latest update as an emergency update, but it certainly involves bug fixes. Oyster, which has an eBook subscription service, has issued several updates of late, its latest on the 13th. The update this weekend brings the app up to version 1.11.2 and seems to do the trick as the latest user reviews are all positive.

Speaking of updates, Apple’s software team seems to have blown it again.

Last week a security update was released and it appears to have reintroduced a bug that plagued users last year: the failure of Finder to quickly find the proper app to use to open up files. It is an annoying bug and no doubt the Apple support forums will be lit up by users wondering why the bug is back.

Esquiremag-featureHearst updated its Apple Newsstand app for Esquire Magazine adding in sharing options that, frankly, have been found on most magazine apps for years. But the update has gotten good ratings (no written reviews yet), but has to be a good thing as Hearst apps are usually rated poorly.

The reason for the poor ratings is a combination of app bugs, but mostly complaints about Hearst’s digital subscription policies: they force readers to pay for the digital editions even if they are print subscribers. The policy leads to plenty of complaints, but also sales.

Esquire, for instance, quickly grew its digital subscriptions sales to 55,352 by the time of the magazine’s December 2012 publisher’s statement, or 7.8 percent of total paid. That was impressive and must have been very encouraging.

But like many magazines, things have gone down hill from there. One year later the magazine reported 48K in digital subscriptions, and the latest report shows 44,892. This is proving to be typical as Apple’s Newsstand, which once drove sales, is failing magazine publishers.

Meanwhile, as Next Issue Media, which launched its first iOS app in late 2012, is now driving sales. Esquire’s latest report shows over 25K in digital single copy sales, 22,943 of which are coming from Next Issue.

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