March 23, 2015 Last Updated 2:21 pm

Adobe announces it will launch Adobe Publish this summer

Adobe to launch publishing solution first seen in the new app from Fast Company – promising app building for all major mobile platforms, phones and tablets, without requiring new development skills

The major digital publishing platform Adobe today announced that it will launch Adobe Publish this summer. Adobe Publish is a platform that the company says builds upon the foundation of Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, and it hopes is “the next generation of mobile app publishing.” Adobe Publish’s calling card, if you will, is the new Fast Company mobile app (see TNM post on the new app here).

AdobePub-1aExisting Adobe DPS customers will gain access to Adobe Publish as part of their current service, while new customers will gain access to both Adobe Publish and Adobe DPS. One assumes that because of this the pricing structure will be simply that of Adobe DPS.

“In May, it will be five years since Adobe and Conde Nast brought Wired to the iPad,” Nick Bogaty, Head of Digital Publishing wrote today on the Adobe Digital Publishing site. “The goal then was to produce a beautiful interactive digital publication to a new and magical device. We were successful with our partners in achieving that goal. From there, we built a product, Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, that has since enabled the launch of thousands upon thousands of apps and has delivered hundreds of millions of publications (.folios) to tablets and phones to people around the world. The mobile market is unquestionably better because graphic design and marketing talent have participated directly in these mobile experiences through our software.”


From Mitch Green slide presentation



“The process of working with Fast Company to launch a new app on the App Store helped us hone our understanding of what a modern mobile experience should be and how we could build tools and capabilities to deliver that experience,” Bogaty wrote.

Bogaty says the three tenets of the product are:

  • Apps on all major mobile platforms for phones and tablets without requiring any development skills. The experience of those apps should be immersive and elegant and bring audience directly into content that is well organized and inherently feels like what a mobile experience should be.
  • Adobe Publish customers can create, organize and deliver content in a way that is extremely flexible, simple and cost-effective.
  • Enterprise-grade administration tools that are flexible enough to allow any enterprise, media company or university to organize all of the people who are involved in producing these experiences in a way that make sense. Designers, writers., marketers, producers, data analysts or outside agencies will get the flexible workflows they need to deliver amazing content into Adobe Publish apps.

Mitch Green, Director of Product Management, has also produced a slide presentation for Adobe Publish (see here). As part of the presentation, Green says that, for many, “Today’s Digital Publishing = Print Replica.” Adobe Publish, he goes on, promises a more “content-first” approach. With that approach, it is hoped, digital media will enjoy more engagement – as feedback to the Fast Company prototype app seems to suggest (above).

The new Adobe Publish looks to provide a more app-like digital publishing solution, rather than a digital edition solution. Because of this, it would be complimentary to Adobe DPS. (Fast Company launched its new Daily Picks app, using Adobe Publish, for both the iPhone and iPad, while its existing Fast Company digital edition iPad app remains inside the Apple Newsstand.

Late last year, Adobe said it would be ending its free Single Edition solution for Creative Cloud members. Single Edition was a way to produce single issue digital magazines or eBook-like apps for the Apple App Store using InDesign. The news was disappointing for many small and self-publishers who found it a good way to launch a digital publication and test it. TNM’s own Tablet Publishing app used Single Edition, and many interesting apps were launched (inside the Apple store only) using the solution.

Last week, Adobe released a very strong earnings report, reporting revenue of $1.11 billion for Q1 of its 2015 fiscal year, and saying that the company added 517K net new Creative Cloud subscriptions in the quarter, as well.

“Adobe Marketing Cloud and Creative Cloud continue to be growth engines for Adobe,” said Shantanu Narayen, Adobe president and CEO.

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