March 20, 2015 Last Updated 8:20 am

BuzzFeed reports Apple will launch new Apple TV at WWDC

The long in the tooth version of the Apple TV would be replaced with one with a faster chip and far more storage, according to the report

The recently hired John Paczkowski has a good scoop (assuming it is true, and it probably is) at his new gig at BuzzFeed: Apple will be updating the Apple TV at WWDC this summer. Paczkowski recently joined dBuzzFeed from Re/Code (and before that he was with the same team at AllThingsD).

According to the report, Apple will update the Apple TV and add significantly more storage, as well as open up an App Store for the device. The two go hand-in-hand, of course, as owners would need the storage for both apps and media.

Apple_TV_2ndGen“As for the new Apple TV box itself,” Paczkowski writes, “expect an updated design and new innards: the company’s latest A8 system-on-chip — or a variant of it: a dramatic increase in on-board storage to accommodate app downloads — well beyond the 8GB in the current device; and an improved operating system that will support Siri voice control Apple TV, and enable it remotely for a selection of Homekit-enabled home automation devices.”

But does it make sense? Yes and no. It was rumored, long ago, that the Apple TV would eventually evolve this way, following the pattern set by the iPhone and iPad, but that it didn’t happen much earlier seemed to confirm the naysayers. So why now?

The answer may lie with the recent HBO deal, and the rumor that Apple will launch a TV service with a couple dozen channels including the major networks. While Paczkowski says we should think “TV, music, apps and home automation,” I think DVR. That is, the competition – the cable companies – offer DVRs with their service, would Apple’s service only involve streaming, or will watchers also be able to record shows for later viewing, and streaming to their devices (a service many providers already offer)?

Apple, one would think, would prefer streaming. But, let’s be honest about this, they suck at it. Better to let the networks deliver the content live, and then have the viewer record it.

Apple, at its Apple Watch event, announced its deal with HBO, and then announced a price cut on the Apple TV. I found this odd, as the Apple TV hardware is already two years old. I regret not predicting that the price cut might have been because a new model was in the works (oh well). But what prevented me from doing so is the knowledge that with hardware such as the Mac mini and the Mac Pro, Apple has often taken its sweet time updating the product (and with the Mac mini, essentially killed it off with an awful update).

So is a new Apple TV coming this summer? Makes sense to me, and is long overdue. Can’t wait to see, though.

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