March 18, 2015 Last Updated 9:27 am

Magazines Canada report on U.S. magazines in the Canadian market says readers finding little relevant content compared to domestic titles

Magazines Canada today reported on the decline of U.S. magazines in Canada in its latest “spill report.”

Magazines Canada attributes the decline in U.S. magazines with circulation to an increase in the number of Canadian titles available and the lack of editorial and advertising content created specifically for Canadian readers to be found in U.S. magazines.


As these U.S. magazines are not targeted at the Canadian market, it may seem obvious that they would not perform as well as domestically produced titles. But the decline in U.S. magazine circulation in Canada is accelerating, according to Magazines Canada.

The organization asked survey respondents about their attitudes towards Canadian and U.S. magazines are found:

  • 92% agree that Canadian magazines play a significant role in informing Canadians about each other
  • 88% feel it is personally important that a magazine have editorial content created specifically for Canadian readers
  • 90% feel that U.S. titles don’t effectively cover Canadian issues.
  • Sylvain Lemire 3 years ago

    One big factor between Canadian and American magazines is pricing. US mags are simply more expensive. And for subscriptions, it’s very frustrating. Americans can subscribe to many titles for around $12-18/year and then you see pricing for Canada at $40, that’s just not attractive. And then you have Québec where the language is a big barrier to English language magazines.