March 18, 2015 Last Updated 8:07 am

Adobe updates Content Viewer, now supports supports content designed for larger iPhones

Media app updates: Harrods Magazine digital edition updated to fix bug in store guide; Google issues series of updates to many of its iOS apps

The previewer app from Adobe was updated last night, bringing with it support for content designed for Apple’s larger iPhone models. The update also, as is usually the case, fixes bugs.

iPhone6-NewsAdobe Content Viewer is now at version 32.5, and the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, which was updated on Monday, is now at version 32.4.4.

DPS App Builder now complies with Apple’s guidelines that require app icons be built at 87×87 and 180×180 sizes, along with the now required 120×120 size.

“DPS App Builder has new requirements for Newsstand icons, which now must have 512 (SD) or 1024 (HD) pixels on the longest edge,” the Adobe DPS help page now states. “Previously, DPS App Builder required a 96×128 image for SD devices and a 192×256 for HD devices. DPS App Builder now requires 384×512/512×384 or 768×1024/1024×768 images for Newsstand.”

As for the iOS viewer, there are now the new rendition size support.

“Additional rendition sizes are now supported for targeting iPhone 6 (1334×750) and 6 Plus (1920×1080 physical; 2208×1242 logical) devices. We recommend that you create 1136×640 folios for iPhone 5 and higher, but these additional folio sizes are now supported for renditions,” Adobe’s help page states.

Harrods-iPhone-lgOne of our favorite apps, the digital edition from Harrods Magazine has been updated.

The update, which brings the app up to version Version 3.6, fixes some bugs in the store guide.

The digital magazine for the iconic department store gets almost universally positive reviews, though a recent reader review, written before the update, had complained of bugs.

Like most retail store magazines, the digital edition for Harrods Magazine is free of charge to download and access (which undoubtedly helps with the positive reader reviews, since the biggest complaint of digital readers, by far, is having to pay for digital when they have already paid for print).

Google also issued a series of updates for its iOS apps including mostly bug fix updates for Hangouts, Ingress (its game app), YouTube, Chrome, and Google Classroom.

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