March 13, 2015 Last Updated 11:27 am

French start-up Selectionnist raises €2 Million to expand magazine shopping solution

The Shazam of Magazines want to help readers shop their magazines, but they will need publishers to go along and not figure out that they could do this themselves

There seems to be an endless number of companies around that want newspaper and magazine publishers to partner with them on the premise that their solution will somehow assist the publishers with their transition to digital. In the end, the content publishers agree to share usually only benefit the start-up – Flipboard is the classic example.

Selectionist-iPadThe latest one, coming from France, is Selectionnist, which raised €2 Million from a couple VCs in order to expand in Europe. Selectionist has an iOS app that allows readers to “shop” a magazine.

“All the fashion, beauty, deco fashion magazines on a single app!” the app description states (but in French, of course).

The app works by listing the products available in leading fashion magazines and then allowing the reader to shop for this products through the app. The founders are calling their solution the Shazam of Magazines.

“We want to offer them the opportunity to find and buy a dress in Madame Figaro, a fashion accessory in the Italian Grazia, a top in Allure or clothing for children in the Japanese parenting magazine … ” said Tatiana Jama, co-founder along with Lara Rouyres of Selectionnist.

The key, of course, is getting those publishers to work with Selectionist to give them access to their content. The idea of needing a third party app to help readers shop magazines is absurd when considering digital magazines, after all, that is why digital magazines seemed so promising. But so many magazine publishers have opted for creating replicas, and so few ad agencies have created interesting digital ad copy that outsiders to the industry see an opportunity – they will tell the industry how to make digital work.

It seems to me that if these kinds of solutions really are of benefit for magazines major publishers like Condé Nast and Time Inc. would simply create their own in-house solutions.

Selectionnist created a video to demonstrate their solution, though the quality is far below the average Kickstarter campaign video. Nonetheless…

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