March 13, 2015 Last Updated 8:41 am

FCC release net neutrality rules (PDF of document)

The FCC released its first document outlining its net neutrality rules, though few media outlets have bothered to link or embed the actual document (the NYT did so). So here it is: PDF.

“The open Internet drives the American economy and serves, every day, as a critical tool for America’s citizens to conduct commerce, communicate, educate, entertain, and engage in the world around them,” the document begins. “The benefits of an open Internet are undisputed. But it must remain open: open for commerce, innovation, and speech; open for consumers and for the innovation created by applications developers and content companies; and open for expansion and investment by America’s broadband providers.”

One interesting thing to point out is that int eh Executive Summary the FCC points directly to the Verizon ruling that the FCC lost, which many observers believe really pushed forward the idea that broadband Internet access might be regulated as a utility – something the telecoms did not want, but never would have happened had they not sued the FCC over what was understood to be very moderate rule making.

“The Verizon court further affirmed the Commission’s conclusion that “broadband providers represent a threat to Internet openness and could act in ways that would ultimately inhibit the speed and extent of future broadband deployment,” the FCC commissioners write.

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