March 12, 2015 Last Updated 2:23 pm

Newsweek launches iPad edition for Newsweek Europe, but digital readers get a bit short changed

While the U.S. edition uses the Adobe DPS to build a native digital edition, the Europe edition uses the same solution to create a replica edition app

The weekly news magazine Newsweek has had an interesting, and sometimes tortured history. Founded by former foreign-news editor for Time, it was purchased by The Washington Post Company in 1961. It had its good times, which ended a decade or so ago, and was eventually sold (given away really) to the founder of the audio company Harman Kardon, Sidney Harman in 2010. What followed was the torture, with the title being run by Tina Brown and merged into The Daily Beast.

Newsweek is now owned by IBT Media, which was up to then known to industry insiders for its news aggregation and Google-attracting copy. But the company released a very nice digital edition for the magazine, though it has gotten some negative reviews for poor subscription service and the loss of landscape reading. It uses the Adobe DPS, and (IMO) is really a pretty damn good digital edition.


Left: Newsweek Europe; Middle and Right: US Edition (click/tap to enlarge

Last week Newsweek Limited (a different developer account, but I believe the same company) released an iPad app for Newsweek Europe, and thanks to Hublot, the current issue is available for free.

The new app for the European edition also uses the Adobe DPS to create its Apple Newsstand app, but rather than a native digital edition, European readers get a replica edition.

Both the U.S. and European edition apps are for the iPad only – that makes the replica a little better reading than if it were a universal app, but one somewhat if you own an iPad mini. Oddly, Newsweek does not have an app for the iPhone.

There are two other international editions of Newsweek: one for Poland published by Axel Springer Polska (a universal app with native digital edition for both the iPhone and iPad), one for Japan published by Hankyu Communications Co., Ltd. (what looks to be a replica).

Newsweek is not the only magazine with many different editions available inside the Newsstand. Some titles, such as Cosmopolitan, have so many different editions that readers inevitably get confused and download the wrong one. In some versions of the Apple App Store, the team has created special areas to promote local magazines, such as inside the Canadian App Store. Simply allowing more subcategories would be another option.

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