March 12, 2015 Last Updated 10:47 am

Google launches iOS version of its Google Calendar, but makes a rather unfortunate icon choice

Early reviews inside the (now live) Apple App Store are mostly positive, though many want an iPad version to appear, as well

The Google Calendar has come to the Apple App Store – finally, as the App Store was down much of yesterday – but its icon may lead to a lot of confusion.

GoogleCal-iPhoneFor those who use Gmail a lot, especially for those who use it at work, the appearance of a Google Calendar app for their iPhone will be much appreciated. The interface is consistent with Google’s Material Design look and feel, and interfaces with other Google apps in the way you would expect.

But the app has two big faults. The first is that the development team, which otherwise produces excellent iOS apps, decided to use a date for the icon: 31. So a quick glance at your phone may lead you to believe today’s date is the 31st – assuming we are near the end of the month. Since Apple’s own Calendar app is allowed to have its icon change to reflect the current date, the Google app automatically is at a disadvantage. Using any number in this situation would have been a bad idea, I guess they thought “31” would be as good as any and might not lead to much confusion. Wrong, dump the icon, Google, and come up with a new one.

The other big fault is the lack of an app for the iPad. Many iPad owners use their tablets as a day-timer and the calendar serves as one of the most important apps on their device. Of course, an iPad app might be coming, but it is odd that it didn’t launch along side the iPhone version.

Like many other apps, the new Google Calendar app got caught up in Apple’s App Store crash yesterday. Google wrote about the app on its own blog, and the app actually appeared inside the App Store late on Tuesday, but those who saw it or read about it on Wednesday found they could not download it until late in the day on Wednesday.

Google has created a demo video of its new iPhone app:

  • iMOBDEV 3 years ago

    It’s True, icon choice is not on that level for calender.