March 11, 2015 Last Updated 9:02 am

Euro falls in value against the dollar as ECB begins QE program; Google brings calendar to Apple App Store, App Store crashes

Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson suspended by BBC for being himself, and the British press has a field day accusing every one of being a fascist

The value of the Euro fell again today in trading as European Central Bank’s quantitative easing program began. On Wednesday the Euro fell to just below $1.06, its lowest level since 2003.

EuroDollarAs the Euro has fallen in value, the dollar has strengthen against most major currencies, with the British pound now valued at $1.51, down about 20 percent from its value one year ago. The Canadian dollar is now around $0.79 to the dollar.

The strong dollar means the price of U.S. goods are more expensive, and this week Apple was forced to raise prices in Europe on much of its hardware due to the strengthening dollar. This may have been one of the motivating factors in Apple’s decision to target the 1 percenters with its newest product line.

Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson has been suspended by the BBC for being, well, Jeremy Clarkson. He is reported to have punched a producer.

The conversation in the UK press, though, is where the real entertainment is, with reader of The Spectator calling anyone critical of Clarkson a “liberal fascist”, while The Guardian chose to run a column on the show rather than allow reader comments on its main news story (knowing what a farce that would become).

Clarkson needed worry, he can always have a second career as the head of personnel for a start-up in Silicon Valley.

The Republicans are probably thrilled to have been handed a scandal by Hillary Clinton, even before she has announced her candidacy for President. But if there is one thing the email mess Clinton has fallen into reveals, it is just how ignorant the leading politicians are when it comes to technology.

In 1992 Bill Clinton was handed a huge talking point when George H. W. Bush visited a grocery store and marveled at the checkout scanner. “This is for checking out?” asked the President. His advisors cringed and the voters laughed.

Now another Clinton is on the other side of a technology faux pas – surely the Secretary of State knew using a private email address was forbidden, as was selectively deleting emails (she does realize that there are two sides to every email, right?).

But don’t ask other politicians about email or you’ll get confused shrugs. Bill Clinton said yesterday that he has only sent two emails in his life; Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said he’s never sent an email, “I don’t know what that makes me,” he said.


Google yesterday released its Calendar app for the iPhone. Google Calendar will be much appreciated by those who are using Gmail at work and, therefore, the calendar app on their PCs.

But downloading the app from the Apple App Store proved impossible for me as all I got was an endless number of error messages from Apple. One might think that Apple is trying to prevent iPhone users from downloading the app, but in reality the problem is across the App Store.

Let’s be honest, the Apple App Store is horrible and getting worse. Unfortunately, there is no sign that Tim Cook is willing to shake up his management team and get some new blood into the company to clean things up. Investors might take notice.

So, since downloading the app is impossible (at least at the time I wrote this post), here is Google’s video of the app:

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