March 9, 2015 Last Updated 2:22 pm

Quinnipiac University National poll finds Fox News both the most trusted, and least trusted, TV news outlet

The just released Quinnipiac University National poll, which asked those surveyed of their level of trust in national TV news outlets in the U.S. finds – not surprisingly – that Fox News is the most trusted, and at th same time, least trusted news source.

The poll asked “Do you trust the journalistic coverage provided by FOX News,” as well as that of NBC News, ABC News, CBS News, and CNN.

While 35 percent of those who identify themselves as Republicans said they trusted FOX News “a great deal” and 45 percent responded “somewhat”, 44 percent of Democrats responded “not at all” and a further 16 percent said “not so much”


Overall, only MSNBC is less trusted overall by viewers than FOX News and only 22 percent of Democrats say MSNBC can be trusted “a great deal”.

Quinnipiac also asked viewers who they thought should replace Jon Stewart on The Daily Show, with Tina Fey the top choice overall, though Republicans lined up solidly behind Dennis Miller. Surprisingly, only 8 percent said John Oliver would be the right choice – surprising in that he was a Daily Show regular. No matter, he has his own show on HBO.

“Two comedians, both former Saturday Night Live mock news readers, lead the pack to fill Jon Stewart’s chair,” said Tim Malloy, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll. “Dennis Miller is the favorite of 24 percent of Republicans. Tina Fey, with her dead-on take on Sarah Palin, is the darling of 26 percent of Democrats.”

  • Lance 3 years ago

    Did Quinnipiac say how many other their voters where Republican and how many where Democrat? Im sure they have that number. All they would need to have is 55% of their responders being republican to get that fox news was the most trusted. I think a better poll would be of those votes who are independent or at least have a closer to 50/50 sample on political affiliation.