March 9, 2015 Last Updated 7:35 am

NYT fixes bug, promotes relaunched magazine; today’s event to launch Apple Watch

CNN rushes out a new update for its iPhone app as users complain of crashes with March 5th update – but newest update is getting negative reader reviews as problems persist

The New York Times late last week released updates for its two mobile apps: NYTimes — Breaking National & World News, its main iPhone news app, and its NYT Now, its lower priced, stand-alone news app. But apps received but fixes.

NYT-iPhone5-W-lgThe Times took advantage of the update to NYTimes to alert readers to the relaunched New York Times Magazine content to be found inside the app. Readers won’t need to update the app to see the content, but an update is always a good time to let readers know of something new in the app.

The NYT redesigned and relaunched the magazine about three weeks ago to much fanfare. The most significant thing they announced, however, may have been that the issue contained the most pages of advertising since October 2007.

What the Times didn’t do, however, was launch a separate digital edition app for the magazine. Instead, as it their pattern, they are using the content to push for more digital subscriptions for the newspapers and their news apps. One might have thought that the apparent success of the Cooking app would have convinced them of the merits of new brand launches, but the Times is still very much against anything that might fragment the brand.

This is probably why rumors persist that the paper will be dumping its NYT Now app. The team behind the app may be feeling the pressure, adding a comment to encourage new reader reviews in the last three updates. NYT Now is a good app, there really is no doubt about that. But digital subscribers already have a good mobile app from the Times, so just how big is the market for a lower priced version?

Among the app updates released over the weekend was one for the digital publishing platform Mag+’s preview app, Mag+ Reviewer.

The update brings the app up to version 5.3.0 and adds a few feature – block level slideshows – as well as fixes bugs.

Other app updates include one for the iPhone app from CNN. CNN App for iPhone had been updated on March 5, but the company rushed out another update when a new bug was discovered which was causing crashes. Unfortunately, the crash issues seems to be persisting as many of the newest reader reviews are slamming the app.

I tested the app again following the latest update and experienced no crash issues.

Apple will be holding an event this afternoon (10 AM California time) to officially launch the Apple Watch. The company has been on a bit of a world tour to drum up interest in the smartwatch, and investors will be anxious to learn if the watch will become Apple’s next big thing.

AW-300By holding the event in March, and presumably launching it later this month, Apple will have a full quarter – April through June – before having to reveal any sales numbers (though they usually put out a press release when early sales are good).

The Apple Watch is supposed to be priced from $349 and go all the way up to the moon – just what the top price level is will be one of the highly anticipated details to be revealed today.

I really have no interest in an Apple Watch, but realize that I have been wrong before about new product releases from Apple. But the tech sites will be covering the event thoroughly, so I will be interested in any other news to come out during the event.

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