March 9, 2015 Last Updated 9:22 am

Australian media agency Mediacom caught faking campaign reports to clients, reselling discounted ad space at a profit

The Australian media industry website mUmBRELLA is reporting that one of the nation’s largest media agencies, Mediacom, has been caught faking campaign reports for three of its biggest clients. The agency has also been accused of selling media inventory, that it has received for free or at a discount, back to clients without passing on the discounts.

“The investigation found that after some campaigns ended, employees went back and altered the original demographic audience targets to make it appear they had reached the official OzTam audience ratings numbers even if the campaigns had missed targets,” mUmBRELLA reported.

“The misreporting went on in the post campaign reports on TV audiences submitted to three of Mediacom’s biggest clients – Foxtel, IAG and Yum! Brands, owners of KFC and Pizza Hut.”

Read full report here.

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