March 5, 2015 Last Updated 8:23 am

AppleCare takes over support for Beats Music streaming service

But whether anyone told the AppleCare staff is a good question as they appear unprepared for the change

The AppleCare phone lines were jammed late today as Apple took over customer service for the Beats Music streaming service. AppleCare was apparently totally unprepared for the flood of calls that resulted.

BeatsMusic-logoApple is rumored to launching a new music streaming service which combines Beats Music with iTunes. Apple bought Beats late last year, and will likely announce the change on Monday at its event.

The marriage has been rocky as Beats Music subscribers complaint that their service is cut off regularly. Beats Music support told me that the problem is with Apple telling Beats when customers are subscribing to the service through the App Store rather than directly with Beats.

Another problem customers are regularly having is getting the service to work on all iOS devices, with Apple TV customer particular angry at the inability of the service to recognize their account.

All this may be fixed by the time Apple launches the service through iTunes, but in the meantime call times with AppleCare have skyrocketed and no doubt many Beats Music subscribers are ready to call it quits.

One day later: After spending over an hour on hold, then on the phone with an Apple support person I finally hung up. The next day, the wait times to reach a support person are even longer. Welcome to MobileMe Part Two.

The issue here is that AppleCare needs to ask you for your Beats ID not your Apple ID (though they will need that to confirm that you have a subscription through Apple’s iTunes). And, yes, I finally got my own account to work again – but, as you can read above, all this will change this summer anyways.

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