March 4, 2015 Last Updated 11:19 am

I-5 Publishing launches new interactive pet search and community website, Petcha

Petcha’s ‘New Baby’ Pet Program allows consumers to register their pet and receive a new baby kit, which includes coupons, educational information and free product samples

Press Release:

IRVINE, Calif. – March 4, 2015 — I-5 Publishing, a leading provider of multi-platform content for special interest communities and brands, today announced the launch of Petcha, the first all-inclusive and interactive pet search and community to include pets from both breeders and rescue/shelter organizations. Petcha also features pet care support tools for the entire life of the pet, as well as breeder and rescue business profiles, plus Yelp-like ratings and reviews so consumers can finally make informed decisions about where they want to acquire their pet.

Petcha-screen-800“Previously, pet lovers had to search through multiple disparate sites to find a breeder, rescue or shelter pet,” said Jennifer Black-Glover, chief digital officer for I-5 Publishing. “With Petcha, all credible sources are included on one site that also arms pet owners with the tools, articles and expert guidance they need to raise their pets and deliver the best possible care – not just when they’re cute and cuddly – but when they’re gracefully aging and need a little extra TLC.”

Recognizing the special challenges that come with bringing home a new cat or dog — regardless of age — Petcha’s industry-first “New Baby” Pet Program allows consumers to register their pet and receive a new baby kit, which includes valuable coupons, educational information and free product samples. And when owners are no longer able to care for their pets, Petcha will offer a first-ever and much-needed “Free to a Good Home” re-homing program, which safely connects pet owners with those seeking to acquire a pet from a loving home.

In addition, pet owners can register their pet for “First Year Foundations,” a 52-week educational program where they receive weekly emails with personalized information customized to their pet’s type and life-stage.’s database of available pets – the most comprehensive anywhere – allows pet lovers to find a pet their way. For example, when searching for a pet, they can choose to search just for breeders, shelters or rescues, or a combination thereof for maximum results.

Petcha’s unique functionality also allows pet lovers to filter results by gender, breed, size, coat color, eye color, tail type, coat length, age, sex, or energy level. Additionally, they can search by pet or organization.

“With the launch of Petcha, I-5 Publishing is introducing a completely new innovation within the pet acquisition market,” added Black-Glover. “As long-time media leaders and supporters of the pet industry, we believe it is important for breeders, rescues and shelters to all work together to keep pets in homes, which is the ultimate goal of Petcha. We hope to accomplish this through education, training and community support.”

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