February 27, 2015 Last Updated 7:51 am

Please tell me spring is right around the corner, MLB says it is

With temperatures below zero in the Midwest and much of the East, fans can only dream of summer baseball, but now their MLB app is back and updated for Spring Training

The move to the Midwest was supposed to be for about five years, then it was to be right back to California. No such luck. Almost 20 years later here I am, freezing my whatever off and wondering when spring will be arriving.

Weather-iPhoneHere in the States, half the country is suffering through one of the coldest winters on record. For some NYC-based media companies, there is no longer a debate: there is no such thing as global warming (when will journalists learn the difference between weather and climate?). In the west, things are no better: this winter has been warmer than usual, with less than half the typical amount of rain.

But spring is right around the corner. I know this because today MLB.com updated its app.

MLB.com At Bat is one of the most frustrating apps I use on a regular basis. Especially on the Apple TV, streaming of games can be iffy. Games you think will be available are not because of the league’s agreement with Rupert Murdoch (weekend games, not shown in your area, are still blacked out because Fox is broadcasting them somewhere).

This last winter my biggest complaint was that the app stopped working altogether. Right when I needed baseball the most, like now, the app stopped delivering archived games because it said I had no subscription. In the past, one could continue to watch those archived games right through the snowy winter, dreaming of the start of spring training.

MLB-2015-iPhone-lgSeveral times, since the app was first launched in 2008, I have cancelled my subscription to the app – most of the time because I was frustrated with its performance, at least once because I was frustrated with my Giants.

Today’s update, may have new features to offer, but it also features a screenshot of Giants pitcher Matt Cain throwing in camp in Scottsdale, Arizona. (I just booked a flight to Washington DC for March and suddenly realize that I should have booked one for Phoenix to watch a little Cactus League play – what an idiot I am!).

This year’s Giants won’t be winning the World Series, of course, it being an odd-numbered yea. The offseason was terrible for the team as it lost one of its stars to the Boston Red Sox. I know several frustrated fans who had wished Pablo Sandoval had spent this winter in Boston before making his decision to bolt, but that’s life. Players come and players go, and the fans pay the freight. Maybe he should have considered signing a one year deal with the BoSox so he could be back in time for the 2016 season?

For this year’s edition of MLB.com At Bat, most of the changes involve the iPhone side of the app, with the app making adjustments for the larger screen size of the newer models. The Google Play app has been updated, as well, though it lists far fewer adjustments for 2015. Here’s the details of the iOS update:

**** NEW FOR AT BAT IN 2015 ****

  • New UI for all 30 team pages & the league-wide scoreboard (iPhone only)
  • Player search expanded to include all active and historical MLB player cards (iPhone only)
  • Re-designed UI for the newsreader (iPhone & iPad)
  • Team-by-team statistical data filters (iPhone only)
  • Native resolution to optimize At Bat for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus
  • Easy access to every game with new team schedule navigation (iPhone only)
  • Application available in Spanish language, requires device language set to Spanish (iPhone & iPad)

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