February 27, 2015 Last Updated 11:58 am

I-5 Publishing launches replica for Dogster

Presumably an app will eventually appear for Catster, as well, as the new publishing company looks to replace the shuttered magazines Cat Fancy and Dog Fancy

The special interest publisher I-5 Publishing has launched a new Apple Newsstand app for Dogster Magazine, appearing in the store about a week following the appearance of the same app inside Google Play. Both apps are replica editions powered by GTxcel.


iPhone app screenshot

According to the app descriptions, single editions of the magazine will be available for $5.99, with an annual subscription available for $14.99. In the Apple Newsstand app, however, the “Buy Issue” button is grayed out – but this may simply be a glitch.

The screenshots for the iPhone version show the same pages as the print magazine, only squeezed to fit the iPhone’s screen. One might call this the sight hound edition.

I-5 Publishing bought both the Dogster and Catster brands from SAY Media in July of last year when that company exited the content business. The new owners then turned around and announced that they would shutter both legacy print magazines, Dog Fancy and Cat Fancy. I-5 was formed when Mark Harris, co-owner of National Publisher Services, and David Fry, chairman of NPI Ventures LLC and CTO of Fry Communications, bought BowTie Inc.

Say Media, by the way, was originally known as VideoEgg – a start-up founded in 2005, and a company I visited that year when I was with a Chicagoland video start-up. VideoEgg had signed a deal to put video on AOL, which is what got my attention. Its offices south of Market in San Francisco also get my attention.

Later, VideoEgg moved into ad solutions, and when it acquired the content management company Six Apart in 2010 changed its name to SAY Media. It then, ever so briefly, got into the content game with one of its purchases being the Dogster and Catster sites. How did it do this? It had raised $113 million in funding, then more to make the acquisitions. It’s amazing what VCs will fund, other that media, of course.

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