February 26, 2015 Last Updated 8:37 am

Survey of college students find most rely on digital sources for news, but still trust newspapers most

The results of a recent survey of college students conducted by a division of the University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications showed that young adults rely mostly on digital sources for their news and information, but still see traditional media outlets as more reliable for keeping them informed.

The study surveyed readers of the website Elite Daily as to what media outlets they are using to stay “informed” and how well those outlets are doing the job.

“Even though the overwhelming majority of young adults are turning to digital sources for news, there is still a perception by some that they are better informed through traditional media,” Diane McFarlin, dean of the UF College of Journalism and Communications said on the journalism school’s website. “Still, legacy media – including newspapers, broadcast TV and cable news – face significant challenges in attracting this demographic. We will continue to explore the ‘why’ behind these and other findings as part of the Millennial Research Core’s focus on this audience segment.”

Of course, this is just one survey, and limited to the readership of one website. But the results are probably what could be expected. Previous surveys of adults find television is the most common news source, with online growing in importance. With young people “cutting the cord” it would be logical that digital sources would replace TV as their number one source for news and information.

(Thanks to Nate for spotting the story for his website Ink, Bits & Pixels.)


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