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Vision, a quarterly magazine, delivering perspectives from Dubai, launches digital editions

New digital edition is designed in landscape for reading on both the iPad and the desktop, and was created by Touchline FZ-LLC on behalf of consultancy Falcon and Associates

There was once a time, it may be hard to believe, when there were plenty of discussion concerning designers should be formatting their digital editions in landscape, rather than portrait. For the most part, the replica edition won out, or at least the hybrid edition, where the advertising could stay the same as in print, and the editorial would be only modestly reformatted.

But plenty of digital-only magazines were, and occasionally are, created in landscape.

Vision-cover-smA new magazine that has decided to go in this direction is Vision Magazine, a new quarterly, published by Touchline Publishing for the Dubai-based consulting firm Falcon and Associates. Vision features a cover shot of the actor Kevin Spacey, which is sure to get a few reader’s attention, and may spur the Apple App Store team to give the app some love.

The digital edition is very well done, and fairly simply in concept. Like an eBook, each page is a self-contained unit – no scrolling text boxes or elongated pages – though stories with more than one page will have the reader scrolling up to access the additional pages, before swiping to get to the next story. In other words, standard digital magazine navigation (again, it may be hard to believe, but some were very much against this kind of navigation in 2010).

Though bells and whistles are limited, the ads upfront each contain video, and many of the stories have multimedia features such as galleries.

The instructions page, in its traditional page two position, is a bit unique in that it contains two options: iPad and desktop.

As the purpose of the new digital magazine is promotional, the app and its contents will be free of charge to download and read.

The platform used appears to be one I am not familiar with: ENJOY, which specializes in building both app and desktop publications using HTML5.

There is a print version of Vision magazine which has a BPA audited circulation of 61,986, and is distributed in airline lounges around the world, as well as being available across Emirates’ network of international lounges, and at exhibitions and conferences such as the one in Davos.

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