February 17, 2015 Last Updated 8:07 am

NEXMachine, developer of cloud-based software, acquires Scholastic Connections

Press Release:

Peoria, IL – February 17, 2015 – NEXMachine has acquired the mobile educational software development firm Scholastic Connections in a move that strongly supports the direction of its mobile productivity application portfolio. NEXMachine, a developer of Cloud-based software, will use this acquisition to accelerate its application development timeline for this rapidly growing market. The acquisition of Scholastic Connections will also provide access to the mobile educational software market.

“We build applications that are habit forming for business users, because these apps give them immediate access to the information they need, connect them with their customers and partners, and simplify their work,” said Dan Kauppi, President of NEXMachine. “This acquisition is critical as we look for ways to speed up the development of ActivityHub and the rest of our mobile productivity app portfolio.”

Scholastic Connections is a software startup in Peoria, IL that has partnered with other companies that provide educational online portals to schools to bring their content to a mobile platform. The company provides a unique product line that connects parents, students, and teachers while providing quick accessibility to valuable information on-demand.

Michael Rebello, President of Scholastic Connections, will be joining NEXMachine in a directorial role and will be leading the team responsible for the development of the portfolio of mobile productivity applications.

“I’m excited to take on this new challenge of shaping the direction of our apps that can have such a significant impact on how people work,” said Rebello. “Scholastic Connections aligns very well with NEXMachine’s direction and vision. At the same time, this acquisition will also benefit the educational market I have served with my own company.”

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