February 12, 2015 Last Updated 2:28 pm

USA TODAY Sports Media Group launches new Sports app for iOS and Android

The new mobile sports news app, like the national Gannett newspaper, was launched free of charge, providing sellers new real estate to lure mobile advertising

The USA TODAY Sports Media Group today launched a new mobile app called USA TODAY Sports. The app was launched for the iPhone into the Apple App Store as a stand-alone app, and and Android app into Google Play.

USAT-Sports-iPhone5The announcement for the app says the app was also designed for the iPad, though the app released today is definitely not universal, so either they intend to launch a separate app for the iPad, add iPad support, or else their communications team is not up to speed on the new app.

The app, like the digital edition for USA Today, is free of charge. The app, therefore, can be seen to add new advertising real estate for Gannett to sell into – and though I saw no ads in my brief look at the app, I am sure they will appear soon enough.

(As long time TNM readers know, I am a huge advocate for newspapers and magazines to be “serial launchers” of new apps – not only to add advertising real estate, but to market their brands, experiment with the platforms, and monetize their archives.)

“Consumers have so many options for news and information, yet so few of them solve a fan’s most basic problem: What do I need to know right now so I don’t miss out on what everyone else is talking about, or will be talking about?” said Mark Pesavento, VP of digital strategy for USA TODAY Sports, in the company’s announcement for the new app.

In promoting the app, the publisher highlighted these features:

  • Easily shared content – Whether quotes from outspoken athletes, stunning images from photo galleries, insightful data visualizations or funny GIFs, sports fans can share the content with ease.
  • Formatted for today’s busy lifestyle – Scores, schedules, and statistics that fans expect from a sports app are integrated in a clean, simple way.
  • Feedback that matters – Opportunity for app users to easily make feature requests and provide input directly to editors.

“The launch of our mobile app is a great opportunity for us to engage fans that are getting their sports news from mobile devices more than ever before,” said Dave Morgan, President of the USA TODAY Sports Media Group. “We believe fans will enjoy the entertaining approach and curated news that can be experienced through multiple perspectives and bold visuals.”

The app description tries to get a little hip, stating at the end: “It’s the USA TODAY Sports app: Fighting FOMO since 2015.”

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