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First look: The English language edition of the modern architecture magazine HÄUSER

Note: This story contains some updates and revisions, including an answer to the question about what digital publishing platform was used (see below for the answer!)

The Hamburg-based publisher Gruner + Jahr today sent out a press release stating that it had launched an edition of its architecture magazine, HÄUSER, for the U.S. market. Actually, G+J must have finally gotten around to producing the press release as the app, HÄUSER – The Magazine for Architecture & Design, was actually released last summer, if iTunes is to be believed.

Hauser-cover-iPadThat’s OK, because there is a good reason to download the digital magazine today, it is offering the February 2014 issue free. The issue is the magazine’s Houses of the Year issue.

The new(ish) digital magazine is designed in landscape, but the designers did not use the digital edition cover as the Newsstand icon, wisely making sure that the issue icon was in portrait. Why? Because magazines are almost always seen this way in the Newsstand, while newspapers generally have landscape icons.

The choice of landscape for the English edition is a wise one as any magazine that is built around its photography usually feels more natural in landscape. The choice makes even more sense when you realize that this edition is exclusively for the iPad.

The original German edition, on the other hand, has an Apple Newsstand app that is universal – and if the screenshots are to be believed, it looks as if the iPhone edition is a replica of print, while the iPad edition is redesigned to be read in landscape. Unfortunately, I have no clue what digital publishing platform was used by Gruner + Jahr. Update: Thanks to Abby Con from ComboApp for providing the answer to this question: it is built using FutureFolio.

The app appears under the developer account name of G+J Exclusive & Living digital, which has two other Newsstand apps (the German edition of HÄUSER and CHEFKOCH eMagazine, which is also designed in landscape – one gets the impression the same designer must be behind all three.

But being the largest printing and publishing firm in Europe, Gruner + Jahr has plenty of other titles inside the Apple Newsstand and App Store showing up under other developer account names.

Here is a very brief (very, very brief) walk-through video of the beginning of the February issue to give you an idea of the digital edition:

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