February 10, 2015 Last Updated 11:09 am

Strayer University teams up with the Daily Mail to launch Strayer Business News on DailyMail.com

Press Release:

NEW YORK, NY – February 10, 2015 — DailyMail.com, the world’s largest English-language newspaper website, and Strayer University, a leading postsecondary higher education institution for working adults, announced today the launch of ‘Strayer Business News’ on DailyMail.com.

Strayer University’s business faculty will work alongside the global team at DailyMail.com to offer sponsored business education content, including original expert commentary and career insights, alongside the most up to date daily business news stories. It will be a one-stop portal for anyone interested in business news and furthering their business education.

Karl McDonnell, president and CEO of Strayer Education, Inc. said: ‘Our partnership with DailyMail.com represents an evolutionary moment for Strayer University.

‘For more than 120 years, the University has kept pace with dynamic business and industry trends in order to provide working adults with rigorous and relevant academic programs to help them succeed professionally,’ said Mr. McDonnell.

Jon Steinberg, CEO Daily Mail North America, welcomed today’s announcement: ‘Strayer University takes a practical and real-world approach to education, as illustrated by their skills-driven and employer-focused academic programs.

‘This collaboration is a great fit for us, given our high metabolism and detailed approach to bringing inspiring and useful world news to our readers. We couldn’t be more thrilled with the launch of the new channel and partnership, which will also enhance the skills of DailyMail.com’s own workforce,’ said Mr. Steinberg.

The new business channel will feature the latest breaking business news alongside:

‘Business Bites’ and ‘Insights & Innovations’ – career- and leadership-themed commentary and videos from Strayer University experts and alumni to provide deeper context for the business stories of the day;
Infographics and polls – reflecting current industry trends and views from DailyMail.com’s readers;
Sample Strayer courses – including video lectures, case studies and course curricula – to allow interested readers to experience career-building online learning; and a host of other features.
In addition, Strayer University is developing a customized certificate program in digital marketing that will be piloted through a program with DailyMail.com’s commercial employees and then rolled out to companies across America. At the same time, several Strayer University students in College of Business programs across the U.S. will participate in internships with DailyMail.com to gain firsthand experience in leading and managing digitally-based teams and projects.

‘Today, we are finding new ways to execute on our mission, working directly with employers to identify emerging skills needs and new modes of instruction, while also helping to increase and improve talent recruitment and retention,’ said Mr. McDonnell.

‘This commitment to innovation is a shared value for Strayer University and DailyMail.com, and we look forward to a thriving partnership that we hope will benefit all working professionals,’ said Mr. Steinberg.

Strayer Business News is now live on DailyMail.com and can be found at: www.dailymail.com/strayer

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