February 10, 2015 Last Updated 7:44 am

Jeb Bush posts every email he received as time as governor

But the presidential candidate made a big mistake: also included in the data dump is all the personal information from the emails including addresses, etc.

Someone working for presumed presidential candidate Jeb Bush is going to be in real trouble. The former governor of Florida today just dumped a ton of personal information onto the web the Florida residents will not be happy about.

JebBush-mailsTrying to be completely transparent, apparently, Bush posted the entire archive of emails he received as his time as Florida’s governor on a new website jebbushemails.com. One can search the archive, or even download the Outlook file.

The archive will prove a treasure trove for spam emails, and others who will be able to use the archive to extract names and email address. The archive, says those who have delved into it, even contains such sensitive information as social security numbers and the like.

CNBC, however, completely whiffed on its story, however. The financial news site simply saw the email dump as part of the presidential campaign, completely missing the impact the data dump would have on those that have sent emails to Bush.

Search the archives yourself, they are quite fun, actually. This one got my attention:

November 10, 2006: Touch-screen-voting machines in at least four Florida counties recorded unusually high percentages of ballots with no votes in Tuesday’s election — a sign that new electronic-ballot machines may not be as foolproof as hoped.

Update: Bush spokesperson Kristy Campbell defended the former governor’s data dump saying that anyone can access the information using Florida’s Chapter 119 sunshine laws. But that was an incredibly dumb response, as there is a big difference between someone, like a reporter, requesting a specific email, and a data dump. Later in the day the spokesman said they would redact emails upon request. But email spammers have probably already download the file, which the governor’s team very easy to do.

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