February 10, 2015 Last Updated 4:17 pm

AppAdvice.com to launch Apple Watch website on February 16

Are you excited about the launch of the Apple Watch? OK, I’ll admit it, I’m not. I hate the idea of having to wear a watch again.

But tech sites are positively breathless about the prospect of a brand new Apple product.

applewatch-600In the old days, say a decade or more ago, the first thing a publisher would do is immediately launch a new tech magazine around the new product. Macworld certainly got its start that way, and had quite a run before its eventual exit from print. Some trends, like nanotechnology, were simply too specialized to keep a launch like Small Times magazine alive for long (the URL for that title now leads to a site for the magazine Solid State Technology.

AppAdvice.com is excited enough about the Apple Watch to announce today that it has launched a dedicated website for it: WatchAware.com.

“Now, with Apple Watch, we feel a little bit of history repeating, a creeping sense of industrial déjà vu. So even though Cupertino’s newest piece of kit is being billed as the ultimate iOS convergence device, it’s clear that it’s a whole lot more. It’s clear that we need to give Apple Watch our undivided attention with a dedicated destination all its own.”

The new site will officially launch on Monday, February 16. But, of course, reading the content on your new Apple Watch may prove difficult, but I am confident that some digital publishing platform will begin promoting their PDF solution for the Apple Watch, right? Can’t wait.

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