February 10, 2015 Last Updated 12:31 pm

App Publisher launches new support website, offers full articles and previews

The new site features an interview with Rich Maggiotto, CEO of Chefs Feed (and the former CEO of Zinio), the new, unique restaurant recommendation smartphone app

The digital-only magazine for digital publisher, App Publisher, today officially launched its new website. The new site is a subdomain of Talking New Media, though the old URL is still live and will bounce to the new site.

Many digital-only magazines launch without a support website, or only one that refers back to the App Store. The publisher of App Publisher, Paul Blake, launched a website at the same time as he launched the Apple Newsstand app.

But in order to serve as an effective driver of readership, a digital-only magazine needs a website that drives its own traffic, and can build interest in the title. That is the reason for both the new website, as well as the partnership with TNM. Will it work? Good question, we really wish we were seeing more app downloads and paid subscription sales, but it is still early and we are willing to give the project more time.

The new website today features the full story on Chefs Feed, the unique restaurant recommendation app. Chefs Feed’s CEO is Rich Maggiotto, the co-founder and former CEO at the digital newsstand service Zinio.

What else can be done with a bi-monthly digital-only magazine to lure and keep digital subscribers? One thing we will be trying is keeping the issues fresh. We will do this by updating the issues every now and then with new content.

This is rather consistent with the thoughts of many in the industry, that a digital edition needs to touch its readers more frequently than a monthly print magazine might.

“If a brand sends a magazine out every 30 days and they think that is going to satisfy their consumer base, I happen to think that they are mistaken,” Mag+ CEO Gregg Hano told TNM last year.

“I read recently that the average individual with a smart phone picks it up 150 times a day. If you are picking up that device that often, a bit of content coming into me every 30 days doesn’t feel right for the device that I am consuming it on. Now that doesn’t mean we do away with digital monthly issues,” Hano said.

But, of course, this means more work for the magazine editors. But a good website, that is driving its own traffic, and generating original content, is helpful.

We hope that you, our readers, will help us, as well. If you have seen any good articles that might make a good late addition to an App Publisher issue we’d like to know about it.

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