February 6, 2015 Last Updated 7:31 am

Editor of Mexican newspaper abducted and beaten by local drug gang; Sprint to move into 1,700 Radio Shack stores

Radio Shack files for bankruptcy, makes deal with hedge fund, which makes co-branding deal with Sprint that will greatly expand the number of locations for the wireless company

The editor of El Mañana de Matamoros in Matamoros, Mexico was dragged from his office by three armed men, beaten and and threatened with his life for writing about the continuing drug violence in the area. According to the Associated Press, 15 people have been killed recently as rival factions of the cartel battle.

Torres-300Despite the beating of Enrique Juárez Torres, the newspaper has continued to report on the violence. Today it reported on the discovery of the body of a government official, found floating in a canal. The body was presumed dumped five days ago and was found with a wire around his neck.

Until this week, the paper has remained silent about the violence, while its sister paper in Reynosa had covered the events. The decision to finally publish news of the violence was made by newspaper’s owners, a decision the editor had concerns with.

“Truthfully, no,” Torres said when asked if he agreed with the decision, “because I suspected that something was going to happen, and it did.”

radioshack-storeThe Radio Shack drama ended quickly last night when the company announced that it would be filing for bankruptcy protection. Speculation was rampant that the company would file and any number of companies, from Amazon to Google, might take over their store locations.

In the end, it was a cellular company, the most obvious choice, that will acquire the stores. Sprint will now move into approximately 1,700 stores that will be co-branded with Radio Shack.

“We’ve proven that our products and new offers drive traffic to stores, and this agreement would allow Sprint to grow branded distribution quickly and cost-effectively in prime locations,” said Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure. “Sprint and RadioShack expect to benefit from operational efficiencies and by cross-marketing to each other’s customers.”

The Radio Shack brand name will remain alive thanks to a deal with General Wireless, a subsidiary of Standard General, RadioShack’s largest shareholder, which will buy up the stores and made the deal with Sprint.

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