February 5, 2015 Last Updated 7:01 am

Urbanspoon says “Don’t update the app” after issuing update following acquisition by Zomato

Backed by investors like Sequoia, Zomato made acquisition of the popular food and dining company as part of effort to break into the U.S., Canadian and Australian markets

The mobile app for the restaurant recommendation property Urbanspoon was updated today, though the update was about a minor an update as they come: a new logo.

(Important: see update at bottom of post.)

The reason for the update is that the Seattle-based Urbanspoon was acquired last month by Zomato. Chances are you have the Urbanspoon app on your smartphone, while having never heard of Zomato, but the acquiring company is well financed and picked up the well known Urbanspoon for around $60 million.

Urban-iPhone5-W-lgZomato, founded in New Delhi, raised $60 million in venture funding in November from several investors including Sequoia. For Zomato, which my Safari browser simply can not help change to Tomato, the acquisition is part of an effort to break into the U.S. market.

“Urbanspoon has been a dominant player in the US, Canada and Australia for years now, and it’s a great business that’s been built on a solid foundation of exhaustive, rich local restaurant content,” CEO Deepinder Goyal said at the time of the acquisition.

It’s been only a few weeks since the announcement, so don’t expect much to change. Nonetheless, the app got an update, and with a new logo. Here is the app description news:

What’s New in Version 3.5.420
Zomato, the popular restaurant search app, has recently acquired Urbanspoon. We are thrilled to have been welcomed into the Zomato family and join their mission to help hungry people find the best places and food to eat! By joining forces, Zomato will now be present in 22 countries, list over 1 million restaurants, and have 95 thousand reviewers.

In celebration of two amazing brands coming together, we are releasing a new logo! This new logo uses the spoon from Urbanspoon and carries Zomato’s theme color—a perfect mixture of both the brands.

Update: How often do you see this app description (thanks to TNM readers for the tip):

Don’t update the app to this version! New version with fix coming soon. Found severe usability issue. Sorry for any inconvenience.

  • The Hepcat Geezer 3 years ago

    The clockwise-turning whirlpool on my screen has been turning for five minutes over the newly-red Urbanspoon icon. This newly updated app will not open on my IPod.

  • Jay 3 years ago

    New app posting in the app store says don’t update, usability issue a.k.a. the app doesn’t even open.